Dissertation Writing service Buy Dissertation Online essay writing service cheap essay writing II Workshop of Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds November 22, 2019 | Postgraduate Program in Technological Development and Innovation in Medicines (PPgDITM)

II Workshop of Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds November 22, 2019

Laboratório de Síntese de Compostos Bioativos da UFRPE realiza o II Workshop of Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds (November 26, 2019), 


8h30 Opening - Professors Ronaldo Oliveira (DQ-UFRPE)/ Celso Camara (DQ-UFRPE) / Lindomar Pena (Fiocruz-PE) / Brijesh Rathi (Univ Delhi - India)

8h45 - Synthesis of pyrimidine glycoglycerolipid analogues. Bruna Martins (Ph.D. student PPGQ-UFRPE)

9h – Synthesis of glyceroglycoside derivatives. Carla Jasmim (Scientific Initiation-UFRPE)

9h15 - Synthesis, structural diversity of purine-pyrimidine bis-triazoles and study of their anticâncer and antiviral. José Geovane (Ph.D. student PPGQ-UFPE).

9h30 - Synthesis and biological evaluation of glycoconjugate analogs of heterocycles. Alana Mara Calou (Ph.D. student PPGDITM-UFRPE)

9h45 - Anti-ZIKV activity of some heterocyclic compounds. Willyenne Dantas (Ph.D. student PPGDITM-UFRPE)

10h -New strategies for the treatment of psoriasis: development of antipsoriatic Potentials and design of 3D microneedles for treatment optimization. Maria Eduarda (Ph.D. student PPGDITM-UFRPE)

10h15 Phthalimide-1,2,3-triazole as a scaffold for the production of selective molecules against Leishmania spp. Vandrelan Holanda (Ph.D. student Fiocruz-PE).

10h30 Synthesis of bysheterocycles 1,2,4-oxadiazole/1,2,3-triazole as potential leishmanicide agents Kethuly Albuquerque (Ph.D. student PPGQ-UFPE).

10h45 Coffee break

11h Investigation of naphthoquinone-based compounds against plasmodium falciparum as a therapeutic strategy for control of malaria. Renata Souza (Ph.D. student PPGDITM-UFRPE).

11h15 – Copper oxide functionalized reduced graphene oxide catalysts (RGO-CU2O) and copper acetate functionalized graphene oxide [GO-Cu (OAc) 2] employed in the Huisgen reaction. Cecilane Silva (Scientific Initiation-UFRPE)

11h30 – Molecular diversity of 1,2,3-oxadiazoles and study of their antitumor and citotoxic activity. Deivson Aguiar (Ph.D. student PPGDITM-UFRPE).

11h45 Synthesis of activity of bioactives for the treatment of Zika vírus proteins, with the aid of molecular docking. Diogo Alves (Ph.D. student PPGQ-UFPE).

12h Purpurogallin derivatives: synthesis and antitumor activity. Iasmin Lucas (Ph.D. student PPGDITM-UFRPE).

12h15 Palladium-catalyzed C-C cross-coupling reactions in flavanoids: synthesis, cytotoxic and leishmanicidal activity. Ingrid Trajano (Ph.D. student PPGDITM-UFRPE).



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